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About Us

Who is Redeemed Seasons?

Mark and Christy founded Redeemed Seasons as a Christian discipleship ministry in 2016 in Colorado Springs.  Christy currently serves as Spiritual Director, Finance Director and Board Chairperson for the non-profit.  Mark serves as Spiritual Director and Executive Director.  

Christy’s ministry journey began in her 30’s with her experiences in a relational healing program, called Living Waters.  Those experiences nurtured a passion in her for helping men and women who struggle with wounding and brokenness in their stories.  Christy has been a small group leader, mentor and spiritual caregiver almost continuously for the past 25 years in a variety of ministry and soul care settings.  

Mark’s spiritual journey began somewhat later in life, but also grew out of his experiences with personal brokenness and healing truths offered through the Living Waters program.  That first engagement with a relational healing program kindled a passion for helping others who struggle with wounding in their own stories and the ways it impacts their current choices.  

Mark and Christy have completed a 2-year spiritual direction program through the Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction.  Both received their certificates in Spiritual Direction and are members of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association.  

Both have received training from The Allender Center in providing soul care in trauma and abuse contexts.  Christy has also received training in equine-assisted learning and soul care.

Through Redeemed Seasons, Mark and Christy offer one-on-one and couple-to-couple soul care and spiritual direction to men and women seeking to deepen their relationship with God and to address dysfunction in their family relationships.

Redeemed Seasons also offers a 12-week discipleship program, called Beyond Rescue, authored by Mark and Christy. This cornerstone discipleship experience guides and supports men and women in their journeys with Jesus toward spiritual healing and freedom.