Walking with God's People

Discipling God's People

Redeemed Seasons is committed
to discipling Christian men and women
seeking freedom from brokenness
and deeper relationship with Jesus

Equipping the Church

Equipping church leaders to minister
lovingly and effectively to men and women
struggling with relational brokenness
and seeking deeper relationship with Jesus

Latest News

FORGE Starts Again on February 5

We are excited to announce that our second offering of FORGE: A Discipleship Experience  is scheduled to begin on February 5, 2018.  We are presenting FORGE in partnership with Discovery Church Colorado, and the program will be offered on Monday nights at 6:30 at the DCC church building in Colorado Springs.

FORGE is a 12-week discipleship experience, designed to help individuals engage intentionally in their own developing story of redemption and pursue actively the peace and freedom that comes through relationship with Jesus.

A detailed summary of FORGE is located at this link:  FORGE Course Description

The application for the February offering of FORGE is located at this link:  FORGE Application

For more information about FORGE, please email Redeemed Seasons at info@redeemedseasons.org .