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What is Spiritual Direction?

Christian spiritual direction is sitting with “a trained listener who will accompany you as you share about your spiritual journey, helping you to notice God’s presence and activity along the way, as well as your personal reactions and responses.”  (Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association, web page at www.graftedlife.org/esda/direction)

A spiritual director is another set of eyes and a second set of ears to recognize and point out the places in your unique story where God may be moving or speaking.

A spiritual director is not a mentor, a counselor, a therapists or a coach.  Spiritual directors do not tell you what to do, where to go, or what God is saying.

A spiritual director is a companion — one who will accompany you and remind you that God is always present, always attentive, always welcoming and always responsive to your calls, your cries, your petitions and your praises.

Spiritual direction can be a valuable addition to the Christian experience, as it provides perspective, context and accompaniment in your journey with Jesus.

Spiritual direction offers a new relational resource, outside of your regular circle of friends and family, where you can be encouraged to recognize and lean into God’s love and care in the twists and turns of your life journey.

All of us need, from time to time, a safe place to raise our questions and examine our concerns about our journey and relationship with God.

  • Are you finding yourself in situations where you are unsure of God’s will for your life?
  • Are you confused about what God is doing in your life and in your circumstances?
  • Are you experiencing dryness in your prayer life or in your relationship with God?
  • Are you struggling to recognize God’s hand and God’s voice in your life?
  • Do you desire to enter into a deeper, more productive relationship with God?

In spiritual direction, you will sit with one who values and loves you as a child of God and who will encourage your relationship with Jesus, with the Father, and with the Spirit.

If you are interested in exploring whether spiritual direction is right for you, please contact Redeemed Seasons Ministries at (719) 347-1840 or email us at info@redeemedseasons.org .