The Deepest Desire of the Heart

“Four hundred and fifty years ago, St. Ignatius predicted that every soul that embarks on an honest journey and is open to the Spirit will find itself with this great desire to turn over one’s entire life to God. . .Ignatius was convinced that if the soul were truly in touch with its deepest desires, it would find itself wanting nothing more than to praise, reverence, and serve God — wanting nothing more than to glorify God with one’s life.  It is the deepest desire of all and is the ultimate source of all other desires.  Even things that every human logically strives for — good health, financial security, good reputation, long life — even these supposedly essential elements of life are not as important as God’s glorification.  For God’s greater glory, the soul is ready to take on, or let go of, anything.”  God’s Voice Within: The Ignatian Way to Discover God’s Will by Mark E. Thibodeaux (Loyola Press, 2010).

Ignatius was right:  if we are not afraid to look deep within our hearts, we will find that our true desire, our purpose for being, is to praise, revere and serve God.  We will find that desire to be not the product of obligation but instead the fruit of gratitude for God’s love for us.

What we are not told often enough is that none of us will find the peace we crave, the life we are looking for, until we recognize this true desire.  Until we embrace the God-inspired desire at our core to love and serve Him over everything else, we will be settling for the “something less” that never sustains and never fully satisfies.