Restoration of the Heart

We are still glowing in awe of God’s work!  We just spent two days with 2,000 others attending an amazing conference lead by John Eldredge and Dan Allender.  Both men are prolific writers and amazing teachers. The theme of the conference was the intersection of clinical counseling and inner healing/spiritual warfare in the restoration of the heart in broken and hurting people.  The conference covered topics such as how to listen to story, how the fragmentation of self affects healing, how trauma impacts us, and how Satan wages war on our souls. John and Dan both did masterful jobs of presenting the content, calling us to deeper understandings not only of our role in helping others but also of our own stories and needs for integration.

Christy and I were encouraged and inspired by the resonance that these teaching have with the work of Redeemed Seasons, and we know that we will use the resources offered by John and Dan throughout our work.  If you are interested in more information on Eldredge’s ministry, Ransomed Heart Ministries, check out his website:  For more information on Allender’s work, see his website at