“In the Trenches – Caring Well for a Hurting World”

"In the Trenches - Caring Well for a Hurting World."

Redeemed Seasons' day-long cornerstone equipping workshop

Many pastors and lay ministry leaders acknowledge that their own limited life experiences leave them poorly equipped to understand and identify with persons who struggle with relational and sexual brokenness.  Sexual addiction, pornography, promiscuity, divorce, same sex attraction - of these things many in ministry have little experience.  

To address this, Redeemed Seasons has developed "In the Trenches - Caring Well for a Hurting World," an engaging and interactive workshop. 

Definitions and Assumptions

  • Important Terminology
  • Basic Theology of Relationships and Sexuality

The Genesis of Brokenness

  • Unmet Needs and Relational Deficits
  • Impacts of Trauma on the Mind, Heart and Spirit
  • Wounding and Behavior

Ministering in the Trenches

  • How Healing Happens
  • A Model for Healing Prayer
  • Obstacles to Care and Healing

Wounded Healers

  • Triggers for our Brokenness and Prejudices
  • Important Boundaries

For more information on this workshop, or to discuss your unique training needs in the area of emotional healing, please contact Mark or Christy Summers of Redeemed Seasons at 719.368.7399.