Equipping the Church

Equipping the Church

Redeemed Seasons Ministries offers a wide variety of training and support services designed to equip pastors, ministry leaders, small group leaders, and church bodies to lovingly and compassionately support and disciple Christian men and women who struggle with relational brokenness.

"In the Trenches - Caring Well for a Hurting World."

Redeemed Seasons' day-long cornerstone equipping workshop

Additional Programs and Services

Redeemed Seasons provides resources and training in a variety of forms and formats on key topics involved in emotional healing and relational brokenness:

  • Short briefings for leadership teams and elder boards
  • Half-day and full-day workshops for church staffs
    and small group leaders
  • Sermons and congregational teachings for larger groups
  • Resource and referral catalogs for outside service
    and support ministries

Redeemed Seasons will customize the content of each equipping program to meet the unique needs of the group in attendance.  We can also expand or contract the content to cover the full spectrum of settings from multi-day conferences to partial-day workshops.  We offer a “cafeteria approach” to the material, constructing the program offering to accommodate the time available for the training and the areas of content the organizers wish to cover.

For more information on the training/equipping services offered by Redeemed Seasons or to discuss your unique training needs in the area of emotional healing, please contact Mark or Christy Summers of Redeemed Seasons at 719.368.7399.