Discipling God’s People

Discipling God's Children

At Redeemed Seasons, we believe that Jesus offers healing and freedom to every person who comes to Him and commits to walk with Him on their life journey.

Regardless of our stories, regardless of the depth of wounding we have experienced, Jesus promises that we can move toward wholeness with and through Him.  Redeemed Seasons offers ministry services designed for and directed to Christian men and women who are seeking the freedom and wholeness Jesus offers. 

We provide one-on-one spiritual direction and couple-to-couple soul care for those seeking support primarily in their spiritual life, their walk with Jesus and their relational growth.  You can learn more about spiritual direction HERE.

Our small group and discipleship programs meet men and women wherever they happen to be in their healing journey with Jesus, so they can achieve freedom from the effects of brokenness that lead to unhealthy and unwise choices in their daily lives.  

The current repertoire of discipleship choices offered by Redeemed Seasons is described below:

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Individual and Group Spiritual Direction: Accompanying others as they encounter God on their spiritual journey, helping them notice God's presence, voice and activity in their lives.
We offer one-on-one spiritual direction and couple-to-couple soul care.  Both services focus on the spiritual journey with Jesus and on the relational challenges we all face as we grow in our faith.  Mark and Christy are both trained spiritual directors and members of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association.
FORGE: A 12-week discipleship experience, designed to help individuals engage intentionally in their own developing story of redemption with Jesus.
FORGE is an intensive 12-week discipleship experience that offers next steps for men and women who are ready to seize the healing and freedom offered by Jesus.  FORGE will offer a weekly setting in which to engage in worship and learning and small group interaction to move forward in one's healing journey.  Participants in FORGE will also experience one-on-one support sessions that offer a safe and private setting where they can explore their unique story and their individual journey with Jesus.
Journey 101: A 6-week course that provides an introductory look at emotional healing, helping participants understand the issues they will walk through in their journey to wellness.

The course covers the following topics:
Week 1: I Am Stuck.
Week 2: What Are We Dealing with Here?
Week 3: How Have I Managed to Survive Until Now?
Week 4: Why Doesn’t Anyone See That I Have Needs?
Week 5: Why Can’t I Do This Journey on My Own?
Week 6: The Choice to Walk Is Mine.

Journey Discipleship Course: A 26-week, intensive discipleship journey of healing for relational and sexual brokenness.
Through weekly times of worship, teaching and small group prayer, the program’s leaders walk with and pray with participants in their struggles, so they can experience God’s compassion, truth and wisdom. The program explores the roots of various emotional and sexual issues, which can trap individuals in unhealthy ways of feeling, thinking and living, and examines the truths revealed in Scripture about God’s unconditional love for us and the promises of Jesus that bring healing to our broken and wounded hearts and lives. The leaders pray for God’s restoring love and moving power to cultivate the truth of our identity in Christ and to bring His healthiness and His design into our relationships. The Journey Discipleship Course is a closed-group format that includes a strong confidentiality policy to ensure trust and safety in the small groups.

Application for the 2016-17 Journey Discipleship Course

Do You Love Me: An invitation to explore in a small group setting your relationship with God and how it affects your life.
Life with God: A multi-part, multi-year journey of relationship and discipleship that creates opportunities to grow in connection with Christ and members of His Body.