FORGE begins again on October 22nd!

We are delighted to announce that we are offering the next run of FORGE: A Discipleship Experience  beginning on October 22, 2018.  We are presenting FORGE in partnership with Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Colorado Springs. The program will be offered on Monday nights at 6:30 at the Holy Trinity church building at 13990 Gleneagle Drive.

FORGE is a 12-week discipleship experience, designed to help individuals engage intentionally in their own developing story of redemption and pursue actively the peace and freedom that comes through relationship with Jesus.

A detailed summary of FORGE is located at this link:  FORGE Program Description

The application process and materials for the 2018/19 offering of FORGE can be found at this link:  FORGE Application

For more information about FORGE, please email Redeemed Seasons at or call at 719-347-1840.