Statement of Financial Responsibility

Financial Vision

The ministry vision of Redeemed Seasons Ministries (RSM) is to provide discipleship to Christian men and women seeking freedom from relational brokenness and to equip pastors and church leaders to minister lovingly and effectively to men and women struggling with relational brokenness.

The financial vision of RSM is to raise sufficient support to cover all of the costs of the ministry, including the salaries and other costs of dedicated staff who are engaged in the discipling and equipping programs offered by RSM.  Until such time as RSM has sufficient funding to provide salaries to our staff, donations and support will be used to cover only the costs to deliver our programs and administer the organization.

Our financial model is not unlike the support raising done by missionaries across the country and around the world.  In order for missionaries to be free to devote themselves full-time to their ministry callings, most seek donations and support from financial partners for their direct ministry costs plus some or all of their living expenses.

In a like way, we seek to establish a network of financial partners who can, collectively, provide the funding needed to meet RSM’s ministry mission and vision, including enabling the core staff at RSM to minister in the field of relational brokenness on a full-time basis.  God has called us to rely on Him to provide for the financial needs of the ministry, including not only the costs of the programs and services developed and delivered by the ministry, but also the salaries and associated costs for a full-time staff at RSM.  God’s provision comes through the partnership of others who are called by the Lord to join RSM in the financial support of this work.

We identify here two important additional elements of the financial vision of RSM:

  • We will charge program fees to participants for our major healing programs.  Participant fees are charged, because we believe participants in emotional healing programs have a greater commitment to attend and to participate in their own healing journey when they are invested financially in the program.  Program fees charged by RSM will cover direct program costs, including curriculum licensing, printing of manuals and materials, worship licenses, and facilities fees.  In addition, collected fees will cover a portion of leader training costs for the program, administrative costs for RSM and a shared scholarship pool for participants in need of financial assistance.  The fees will not cover or reimburse RSM staff and volunteers for their time to prepare and present the weekly classes and small group sessions.  Those staff costs will be covered by donations made to RSM.
  • RSM will provide its pastoral equipping workshops and briefings at no cost to churches and ministry organizations.  Donations from the church bodies we serve will be accepted but not required.  We believe cost is often identified as an obstacle to training and development for church staff, especially at smaller churches, and we want to eliminate that barrier to the delivery of our services.  Accordingly, staff costs to prepare and deliver equipping workshops and briefings will be covered by donations to RSM, as will the costs for materials and travel and accommodations for the RSM staff conducting such training.

Statement of Financial Accountability and Responsibility

Redeemed Seasons Ministries is working toward compliance with the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship, as established and published by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).  As a newly formed, non-profit corporation, it will take some time to establish the necessary infrastructure to support full compliance with the Seven Standards.  However, it is our expectation and intention to seek accreditation from ECFA, once we have completed at least one full year of operations and have met the annual revenue requirements ($50,000) for ECFA accreditation.

The financial management of RSM will comply at all times and in all respects with the IRS requirements to maintain our 501(c)(3) designation and certification.

As we establish this ministry and initiate our operations and programs, funds donated to RSM will be used for costs associated with the mission and operations of the ministry as described below.  This is not an exhaustive list of cost types but is intended to convey the attitude of stewardship that RSM will demonstrate with regard to donations made to the ministry.  Costs associated with the mission and operations will include:

  • Licensing and subscription fees for accounting software and for other software tools used by the staff for administration and operation of RSM and for delivery of programs and services,
  • Licensing fees for program content, including specifically the licensing fees paid to Journey USA for the Journey programs,
  • Licensing and application fees associated with use and copying of worship music and materials used in the worship portions of RSM’s programs,
  • Insurance for RSM, including liability coverage for its operations and its Directors, Officers, employees and volunteers,
  • Legal and professional fees and charges,
  • State and federal regulatory fees and charges, including solicitation registration fees, filing fees and the like,
  • Training and development costs, including tuition and conference fees, for RSM staff and volunteers, related to the purpose and mission of the ministry,
  • Travel, meals and accommodations for RSM staff and volunteers to attend conferences and training programs related to the purpose and mission of the ministry,
  • Travel, meals and accommodations for delivery of RSM programs and services to churches and organizations outside of the Colorado Springs area,
  • Printing, copying and publication costs, and
  • Bank fees, PayPal fees and other transaction charges.

Note:  RSM currently has no salaried employees; all staff activities for the ministry, including the full-time services of Mark and Christy Summers, the ministry co-founders, are currently being performed on a volunteer basis.  The co-founders of RSM anticipate that they will receive, at some point in the future, a salary from RSM as described above in the Financial Vision.  The Board of Directors will determine the point at which donations to the ministry are adequate and stable enough to support establishment of reasonable compensation structure for those working for the ministry.

The following financial practices have been established at RSM to assure financial responsibility and accountability:

  • The financial books of RSM will be maintained using a third-party accounting software package, and the Board Treasurer will have full access to all financial records and transactions reflected in accounting software and the books and accounts of RSM.
  • Expenditures $500 or greater shall be approved in advance by the Board Treasurer.  All such expenditures shall be disclosed to the Board at the next Board meeting for discussion and review.
  • Expenditures of $2,500 or greater shall be approved in advance by the entire Board.  Such approval may be secured at the next regular Board meeting or through a special meeting of the Board, called in accordance with the By-Laws for purposes of reviewing the proposed expenditure.
  • All reimbursement requests submitted by staff or by volunteers shall be submitted in writing, must reflect that all items were directly related to the business operations of RSM and must include written receipts for all charges and items.  All reimbursement requests of more than $100 in total must be approved in writing by the Board Treasurer.
  • The Board Treasurer and the Finance Director will brief the full Board of Directors at each regular Board meeting on the financial status of RSM, on the financial reports, and on significant financial transactions, purchases and contributions accomplished since the last regular Board meeting.