A Prayer of Thanks for the Horse

Lord, You move my heart in the most tender and unlikely of ways.

Help me to be like my horse.  I stand here with her in the warm sun of a February afternoon, grooming her coat.  The sun heats her shoulder and her flank, as the brush caresses.  For her, in this moment, there is no yesterday, and there is no tomorrow.  There are no worries, no concerns. All that matters to her is that she is comfortable; she is being touched and loved by her person.  She knows contentment.

You remind me, Father, that my today with You is the same:  I am fed and clothed and sheltered.  I am loved by You and connected with You and cared for by You.  Yesterday and tomorrow don’t matter.  There is only this moment. . .today.

You show me a difference between me and the horse:  I have the truth that You will always be with me.  I know that I am never alone. . .never without You.  That is a special truth for me, as a child of God — a constant that offers context for my considerations of the past and comfort for my anticipations of the future.

All this from a sunny February afternoon with a horse and a brush. . .