A Call for Financial Support

Over the past 30 months, Redeemed Seasons has managed the difficult financial landscape of a nonprofit startup.  By combining revenue from services with the generous financial support of our community and with our personal life savings, we have funded and established Redeemed Seasons, creating a responsive and impactful ministry player in the Colorado Springs area.  

As our personal savings dwindled, we began to implement financial changes to assure that RSM remains viable over the coming years.  We have worked diligently to restructure the ministry’s monthly operating expenses and our own monthly living expenses, as principals, to reduce what it costs to keep the lights on — to do the work of Redeemed Seasons on a monthly basis.  On both the ministry front as well as the personal front, we are making ourselves as lean and efficient as possible.

Still, there is a gap between what we need to sustain the ministry and what currently comes in.  

In order to staff and operate RSM over the next twelve months, we must generate  $2,500 per month in new recurring donations. That’s not a huge number: just $30,000 in new contributions for the next year.  Those funds will enable us to do the following:

  • Provide spiritual direction and soul care services to men and women without regard to their ability to pay;
  • Offer our In the Trenches equipping workshops for churches and small group leaders at no cost to the participants;
  • Continue to engage with our local church community as a no-cost resource supporting the design and integration of soul care and discipleship programs within the church; and
  • Finish the transformation of our FORGE program into book form, so we can scale our discipleship offerings to reach many more groups in many new churches.

This is important work!  Would you support our efforts?  Would you consider joining us as a financial contributor?

Every contribution helps; every monthly donation makes a difference for our bottom line!  Can you afford $25 a month?  $50 a month? $150 a month? We want everyone who knows us and believes in the work we’re doing to partner with us in this ministry.  Please consider joining us.

You can set up a recurring donation or a one-time contribution to Redeemed Seasons through our website at http://redeemedseasons.org/donate.

We are also publicizing our support campaign through Facebook, and you may partner with us by clicking the donate button on our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/redeemedseasons/.  

All donations to RSM are tax deductible.  We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Thank you!